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"I would recommend this book for all kids that like mysteries." - Ben, student


"A winning combination of relatable characters, an enjoyable mystery, and gentle life lessons." - Diana


Summary: A sunny day at Water World takes a surprise turn for Seth and Julia. They’re thrust into a secret mission orchestrated by an anonymous gamemaster. Navigating a maze of puzzles and riddles in the water park will test their wit and the strength of their friendships. All the while, the detectives delve into the identity of the gamemaster. The clues reveal the gamemaster’s connection to a shocking project called Operation Neptune. What does Operation Neptune have to do with the water park? Does the gamemaster work for a top-secret government agency? Find out in this fast-paced mystery about letting everyone’s gifts shine!


Ages: 8-12

Themes: Forgiveness, Family

Featured Ride: Water World slides


About the Series: The Waldameer Mystery Files children's book series, set at Waldameer & Water World in Erie, Pennsylvania, was written with teachers in mind. The children's books teach empathy and diversity by including multicultural characters and immigrant and refugee characters who are learning English. 

#5: The Water Park Wonder

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