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The Water Park Wonder

Waldameer Mystery Files, Book 5

Reading Level: 8-12 (3rd Grade and up)

Siblings Seth and Julia are drawn into a new mystery when they find a water park locker that says, "Danger! Open if you dare." As seasoned detectives at Waldameer, the local amusement park, they accept a secret mission from an unknown gamemaster.


While they solve riddles and decode hidden messages, Seth and Julia investigate the gamemaster, including something called Operation Neptune. Does the gamemaster work for a top-secret agency? What does Operation Neptune have to do with the water park? Join the kid detectives as they follow the gamemaster's secret mission to its shocking conclusion!

Both boys and girls enjoy this wholesome, fast-paced mystery that includes real history about Waldameer, one of America's oldest amusement parks.

"My kiddos love your books! Your writing is wonderful, entertaining, and enjoyable for kids (and adults) of all ages!

- Lauren, parent and teacher

"I would recommend this book for all kids that like mysteries. I liked that this took place in my hometown."

- Ben, age 8

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