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The Curious Clues
Waldameer Mystery Files, Book 3

Reading Level: 8-12 (3rd Grade and up)

While visiting Waldameer, the local amusement park, siblings Seth and Julia are approached by a secretive man and asked to solve a decades-old scavenger hunt. They agree to help him, but soon find out they're not the only detectives the man has recruited for this mystery.


With their friends Bek and Semira, Seth and Julia race to find the treasure before the team of cheaters--all the while wondering: Who is the mystery man, and why does he always wear a disguise? Join the kid detectives on a puzzling race to solve the curious clues!

Both boys and girls enjoy this wholesome, fast-paced mystery that includes real history about Waldameer, one of America's oldest amusement parks.

"I liked that series! There was so much adventure and mystery."
- Jackson, age 8
"My daughters and I had a lot of fun reading these Waldameer Mystery Files books together...We also loved that Seth and Julia had such a diversity of friends."

- Melissa, parent

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