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The Arcade Absurdity
Waldameer Mystery Files, Book 4

Reading Level: 8-12 (3rd Grade and up)

What starts as a normal day at Waldameer ends with Seth and Julia falling down a bizarre rabbit hole. A social media star named Lux makes three wild claims: 1) Aliens are at Waldameer, 2) the Mega Vortex ride is their spaceship, and 3) they gave him Skee-ball superpowers. Lux has his skeptics, but no one can deny his uncanny arcade abilities. With Waldameer’s reputation at stake, Seth and Julia race to separate fact from fiction.


Could aliens really be at Waldameer? Does Lux have superpowers, or is he just a skilled cheater? Find out in this fast-paced mystery about using critical thinking!

Both boys and girls enjoy this wholesome, fast-paced mystery that includes real history about Waldameer, one of America's oldest amusement parks.

"It's a fun adventure with real places and action! There are exciting stories and awesome details about the amusement park. Five stars!"
- Parker, age 10

"This fun mystery will keep readers engaged to the very end! Highly recommended for upper elementary and middle students.”

- Donna, librarian

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